What is Test Anxiety?

You lost points on the exam that you were entitled based on the amount of preparation you put into this class. Has this happened to you repeatedly?

TEST ANXIETY the DVD was designed for those students who experience moderate to severe test anxiety in spite of their good or excellent preparation for an exam. In the early stages of my counseling career in a college setting, I would ask students to tell me in detail how they prepared for an exam and show me their books and notebooks. I was always surprised at how well they prepared for an exam, but they were so nervous before and during the exam that they lost points and received a lower grade than expected for all their hard work.

In this web site, Test Anxiety is divided into 2 major categories:


  • This includes chest tightness, pain, stomach discomfort, sweaty hands, sweaty armpits, back pain, tight neck and shoulders,eye or knee ticks, etc.


Test Anxiety is that feeling that you have:

  • Cognitively
  • Emotionally and
  • Physically

Your brain and body translate these as ANXIETY. You were not designed to struggle so much before and during an exam provided you did your part. TEST ANXIETY the DVD was desgined to empower you to be the best student you can be provided you:

  • Attend classes
  • Read the assigned texts
  • Take notes if expected
  • Have a system for organizing material, outlines, summarize, etc.
  • Know and practice tips on how to take multiple choice tests, yes/no questions, answer essay questions, how to interpret word problems especially in math
  • How to study and take math exams
  • How to study for sciences, history, etc.

Most libraries and the internet have excellent information on these tips. However, even though these materials do not address the physical and psychological symptoms of moderate to severe test anxiety, they CAN greatly reduced test anxiety when applied. They especially do not address that old negative self-winding cassette that has been playing for several years at the subconscious level.

These old cassettes are often your CORE VALUES about yourself. Core values can be: I'm not good enough; maybe I am not smart enough; I never do well in math... EFT addresses core values.

TEST ANXIETY the DVD is based on EFT techniques. Emotional freedom Technique is based on tapping on certain meridian points while at the same time repeating certain phrases. We always start tapping on the negative because that is what we want eliminated! This simple procedure has an amazing way of neutralizing those old beliefs about yourself and your potentials so they are no longer overriding your efforts. To read more about how tapping on meridian points works, go to What is EFT?