Mauri McCabe, the author of Test Anxiety the DVD, has been in the education business since the early 70’s.  She taught senior high school for 15 years, evening adult basic education for 19 years, and has been a college counselor and advisor for the last 9 years.  She witnessed first hand how students tried their best to deal with test anxieties of varying degrees.

The turning point was several years ago when a middle-age adult had the opportunity to attend college and wanted to pursue vocational training in secretarial skills.  She attended all her classes, did all the assignments, read the chapters in the books, did study cards, memorized all the key concepts in the chapters, and she even had her adolescent daughter quiz her.  But when she would take quizzes or tests in class, she would failed them or come very close to failing in spite of all her efforts.  One day after receiving the results of her last test, she came into Mauri’s office in tears saying, “I can’t do this anymore! All my efforts are in vain. I’m just wasting my time.”  Mauri felt helpless because she had no tools that would quickly help her.

This same lady had come to the office for several counseling sessions regarding her test anxiety.  After her parents divorced, her mother remarried and had quite a number of children and needed someone to help with the care of the children. So her mother took her out of school at a young age to care for the siblings.  When possible she did attend the local school and eventually obtained her GED.  The mother frequently told her that she was not very smart and that justified her many school absences.  Later in life when this lady attempted to pursue a vocational degree, she made a “true woman” out of her mother.  In other words, her mother’s words were “true” that she was not school material (intelligent wise).  Her core belief about herself was that she was not very smart and wasting her time in school.

Shortly after that incident, Mauri read the book The Promise of Energy Psychology by David Feinstein, PhD.  The book was an introduction for EFT tapping on meridian points.  A few months later, she took the trainings in EFT Levels I and II.  She knew prior to the training that she would specialize in test anxiety. 

Since her training in EFT, Mauri has helped hundreds students at the college level greatly reduce or completely overcome their test anxiety.  EFT can completely eliminate test anxiety, but some students choose not to return for more sessions once their test anxiety is greatly reduced, and their grades improve.