EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a tapping process that uses certain meridian points (PDF link) to stimulate stress release points.  Our bodies are made up of energy, just like everything else in the universe.  When the energy becomes ‘stuck’ at any point there is a disruption in the energy flow.  What can cause certain meridian points to become ‘sluggish or stuck’? 

  • A sudden, strong, emotional conclusion such as, “electric stairways are dangerous” because on one of the few times you got on one when you were little, your scarf was hanging low behind you and it got caught on the stairway as it went under!
  • A continuous message that we tell ourselves such as: you were held back in math at the end of 5th grade.  Now you tell yourself mentally, “I must not be good in math; I don’t understand math; or when math is too difficult …” over and over again especially when you have to deal with math class or its' homework. 
  • Sometimes a message is given by a parent or teacher. If "C" work or "C" grade is your BEST, then I’m happy.  You are doing your best, and that is all you need to pass the class.  But what happens when you go to college and choose to pursue a science field? C grades will not be good enough, but you have a core belief that it is your best!  It is easy to understand how the above messages became well engrained in your minds, and you unconsciously repeat them over and over especially when you are stressed out by an exam.

  Tapping on acupressure points balances the body’s energy system by releasing the negative hindering thoughts associated with the fear of not doing well on an exam.  A student stressed out by worrying about possible low test scores, in spite of all the preparation prior to the exam, creates a field of anxiety energy that only hinders his/her ability to retrieve information from the memory bank needed to do better on the exam.  Tapping, while saying certain phrases, alleviates or neutralizes the emotional stress level so that it no longer has a strong hold on you as you prepare and take an exam.  In many documented cases, (see Links: EFT, TFT, TAT, or Innersource websites), just a few rounds of tapping completely eliminates a fear or phobia.

Does it always work?

In the field of Energy Psychology we say “YES.”  Tapping on the proper meridian points, while saying stating the presenting problem, will greatly reduce or eliminate the problem, issue, or fear.  This is why it is very important to constantly assess your level of intensity using a scale of 0-10 where 0-1is no problem and 10 is extreme stress.  If it has dropped to a 2 or 1 and you are comfortable, you may stop.  Or you can continue to tap (today or tomorrow) until it has dropped to a 1 or a zero. 

When we work with certain complex issues, often times there are several layers or ASPECTS to the problem or issue.  Test anxiety is an excellent example.  The big picture is not just being very nervous and stressed when the paper exam is placed in front of you and the clock starts ticking.  The big picture is all the aspects that make up that anxiety provoking situation.  Some aspects of test anxiety include:

  • Bodily discomforts
  • Self-doubting, self-sabotaging thoughts, and where they originated
  • Feeling insecure on how to organize the study materials
  • Worried about the clock, and
  • Possibly upset and distracted by any noise in the testing room 

All of these are aspects of the big picture.  The DVD does its best to address as many of them as possible.

In the case of test anxiety and guiding a multitude of students through their individual aspects related to their specific case, the DVD recommends that tracks 2 & 3 be repeated 3 times to ensure that the given aspect has been greatly reduced or completely eliminated.  (See student testimonials.)

However, if you still feel uneasy about some aspect of your test anxiety, then do maintenance or see Phrases to help you in the wording of your set phrase.  There is even a voiceless video to assist you!  See Phrases & Maintenance.

You are strongly encouraged to read more on energy psychology and tapping by visiting the Links page.  InnerSource by David Feinstein, PhD contains many scientific studies conducted in several countries, and he also reports on the latest comments by APA (American Psychological Association) regarding energy psychology.  Go to Links for brief descriptions.
For additional help with phrases to tap on go to Phrases