What this DVD covers and does not cover:

In working with many students over the years, I have found certain common elements or aspects, as we call them in EFT, shared by many student cases.  Many of the following topics are covered in Track 2 of the DVD:

  • Symptoms experienced a few days before an exam/test: nervousness, feeling overwhelmed by material preparation and prioritization, and sometimes uncomfortable feelings in certain parts of the body such as the chest or back.

  • Symptoms experienced the night before the exam: doubting your ability to remember so much material, wondering if you studied the correct material, already justifying that you might not do well, body discomforts, inability to get much sleep, and your subconscious is reviewing while you are trying to sleep! 

  • Symptoms experienced on the day of exam and during the exam: justifying that you might not do well on this exam, putting yourself down with self-doubting thoughts or self-sabotaging thoughts, powerful bodily discomforts, concern you might be the last one in the room, inability to see straight, distracted by every little noise, and you are so nervous that you have difficulty remembering what you studied.
  • Track 2 does its best to cover a wide array of symptoms.


Another very important area covered is self-esteem (psychological).  Students with moderate to severe test anxiety are usually not aware of the roots of their self-doubts or self- sabotaging thoughts.  When students are questioned to remember when those feelings began, it often goes back to their childhood at home or a specific grade in school.  Students often report being compared to a brother or sister who was smarter, never receiving praise for their school work, a parent getting upset when they tried to help the child, or hearing repeated phrases such as ‘stupid or can’t you ever do anything right?’ Some can vividly recall the grade and the teacher who made them feel very nervous or very stupid with a specific subject matter.  Often students with math anxiety can recall the specific event when they “shut down” and vowed to never attempt to be good in math.  These issues are addressed in tract 3 of the DVD.  

 It is recommended that you view:

Track 1: Familiarize yourself with EFT, the tapping points, and the sequence of tapping
Track 2: Covers the main topics of this DVD
Track 3: Covers self-esteem issues
Track 4: Covers Tips and a must for first time users. 
                The web site contains expanded information on Track 4 and 2 videos


If you have completed tracks 2 & 3 of the DVD and have taken an exam or quiz and discovered that there is still some additional aspect(s) that were not covered in the tracks, go to Phrases  and you can also click on the video link for a voiceless tapping guide.  It is voiceless so you can repeat your own phrase(s).


Attention students with ADD, GAD, and Math Dyslexia:

Math dyslexia presents unique challenges and truly deserves its own DVD.

Students who have NOT learned to work with their ADD symptoms and are NOT on medication represent a special population.  These students usually suffer from test anxiety and other psychological disorders.  These individuals usually need at least 10 sessions to cover the araay of aspects associated with their cases.  These same students have a difficult time keeping their appointments. 

It is recommended these individuals first work with their medical or psychiatric doctors and get on the right medications to ease many of their symptoms.  EFT has been shown to benefit these students when they are committed to their appoints and are willing to continue for a period of time and work one-on-one with a trained EFT counselor.