Maintenance is doing 2-3 rounds or 15 minutes daily regarding something that is still bothering you.  One complete round takes about 2 minutes!

Do not worry if your phrase is correct or not.  Go with the feeling in your gut or your body.  You cannot do it incorrectly!  If after doing the DVD, you still feel uneasy or worried about a particular aspect of your test anxiety, then that is what you need to tap on.

If you need help in being guided, click on the 2 minute voiceless video.  You will be guided on the tapping sequence once.  It includes:

  • The set-up phrase used with the karate chop

  • One round of tapping points

  • The GAMUT sequence where you tap between the baby finger and ring finger while moving the eyes, humming a tune, counting from 1-5, and hum again

  • One round of tapping points  

 Use this voicless video as often as you like and insert your own phrases

Any phrase can be converted into a Set-Up Phrase using the Karate points.  See TIPS for a complete example of how to set up a tapping phrase and the remainder phrases while tapping.

EXAMPLE of a set-up phrase:

Even though   ____________________, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Example: Even though I feel anxious and nervous during a test, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

The tapping phrase would be: I feel anxious and nervous during a test  

 You would also use other phrases that describe this situation. 

You can make a CHOICE statement when your intensity level has dropped to 1-2. 

 List of Possible Phrases

The main word is bold for easy identification.

I choose to believe in myself because I’ve had many good grades in the past to prove to myself that I smart


I’m afraid I will let my family down orI’m afraid I will be a disappointment to my family/mother/father/myself


I’m angry at myself for believing that I can’t hold so much information in my brain


My jaws hurt from holding on

 My mind goes blank during the exam

Even though I feel like my mind goes blank, I choose to believe my mind has unlimited capacity to hold information.


Even though I feel so frustrated when my long term memory seems to fail, I choose to remain calm during a test.


My neck feels tense before and during an exam


I feel anxious and nervous during a test


Even though I feel I am not good in test taking, I choose to believe I can turn that around.


Even though my parents (mom, dad, teacher) didn’t acknowledge me academically, I forgive my ___  for making her/him right all these years

The stress of the __________ program is killing me


I feel powerless because _____


I feel like I don’t remember anything I studied and reviewed

Even though I feel so dumb for not remembering information that I studied,

I self-doubt myself and beat on myself

I self-doubt many of my answers and change them

I self-doubt what I studied and know for my exams

I have this problem of self-talk that puts me down

I feel as if I can't see straight during an exam

I can't relax and get good sleep the night before

I have dificulty relaxing in my sleep prior t an exam

My stomach and chest are tight before and during the exam

I'm so conscious of time flying during the exam

I feel there isn't enough time to answer all the questions

I can't seem to think straight during an exam

My underarms sweat is very embarrassing