TIPS to make the best use of your DVD purchased:

Watch Track 1 to receive complete instructions on how to tap.

 Find a quiet room where you can speak aloud as you follow Tracks 2 and 3, and you will have no interruptions.

Set aside a time in the morning and in the evening when you can follow aloud the track you are going to do.

Track 2 is 2 minutes and 35 seconds and Track 3 is 18 minutes and 8 seconds 

Turn off your cell phone and any other distractions while you follow a track

Remove your wallet and coins from your pockets and any heavy metals on your body.  These can interfere with the flow of energy.  Simple earrings and rings are fine!

Have a bottle of water next you if you need water

Have a piece of paper numbered from 1-6 and a pen or pencil to write your own assessment of the level of intensity of what you are feeling.  The scale if 0 to 10, where 0-1 is no emotion, no big deal, and 10 represents extreme level of intensity on what you are working on.

Repeat the tracks that most pertain to your case at least 3 times with 24 hour spacing in between.  This will ensure the integration tht is needed. Always assess your level of intensity first.  (Imagine yourself taking a test or imagine you are about to take a test/exam). 

After you have repeated the track(s) 3 times, do maintenance daily until your exam date or until you feel no emotion or intensity when you see yourself taking an exam (like watching a movie).  Maintenance consists of doing one round either in the morning or evening of a phrase that represents what is still bother you.  You can do 1 round in as little as 2 minutes before or after your shower.

Once you have learned the technique and it has worked for you, you can apply the technique to anything else that comes up regarding schooling: oral presentation in front of class, math exams, lab exams, meeting with an instructor you don't like, etc. 

Let's say that you are worried about the upcoming math exam.  You are not feeling very sure about a new topic covered.  EFT tapping CANNOT replace your math instructor's lecture, or your failure to go to the math lab, or not having done the math tutorials available on-line from the book publisher, BUT tapping will help you with the uncomfortable, unsure feeling you are experiencing every time you think about the exam, and it will interfere with the exam. 

First: Rate your worrying or anxiety (1-10) and write it down.

Second: Construct the Set Up Phrase for the Karate Chop point

Even though I feel very nervous when I think about my upcoming math exam, I deeply and completely accept myself.  (3-4X)

Third: Begin tapping alternating these phrases:

I feel very nervous when I think about my upcoming math exam

The material was covered too fast for my total comprehension

I feel insecure because I only understood some points of the concept

To be continued!!!