The following links will take you to web sites that have more information on the application of Energy Psychology, accupressure points, cases, newsletters, cases, on-line videos, and much more information.

This is Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) official site.  Web site contains excellent links to short on-line videos that demonstrate EFT in action.  To browse through the archive of newsletters and look up specific cases go to:   Gary has also written a new book on pain and has also done much work with veterans.
An excellent new web site for EFT tapping: check out the 18 minute video introduction on how to tap.  WEb site also contains many interesting articles.
Dr. Roger Callahan's official web site for Thought Feild Therapy (TFT); web site contains much valuagle information on the use of his algorithms (tapping sequences) and contains excellent short videos.  Scroll to bottom of Home page for index.  TFT also has a great informative newsletter.
Dr. David Feinstein's official web site for Energy Psychology; site contains workshops, trainings, and very importantly psychologically scientific reports on the uses of tapping world-wide (statistical data); the latest updates on APA in regards to this new field; and you will meet his wife, Donna Eden author of The promise of Energy Medicine!
College students will relate well with Brad Yates' web site.  Scroll to bottom for index and check out Brad Yates, EFT, and his UTube videos on tapping.
Tapas Fleming's official web site for Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT); TAT usesacupressure instead of tapping while saying certain phrases.  On-line newsletter is available.

Energy Psychology Authors

Gloria ArensonEFT for Procrastination

Ron Ball & Joseph MercolaFreedom at Your Fingertips: Get Rapid Physical and Emotional Relief with the Breakthrough System of Tapping

David FeinsteinThe Promise of Energy Psychology

Fred GalloEnergy Tapping;   Energy tapping for Trauma;  other books

Gary CraigEFT for Pain, and EFT for PTSD

Rue HassEFT for the Highly Senstive Temperament

Anthony RobbinsEnergy Tapping for Trauma (co-author)

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